Higo Knife: the Japanese Pocket Knife

Higo Knife: the Japanese Pocket Knife

The Higo knife (abbreviation of Higonokami or more correctly Higo no kami which means the Lord of Higo) is the typical Japanese pocket knife, which – for a certain period of time during the the last century – had become so popular in Japan, that everyone had at least one, including students who carried it to school every day in their schoolbag.

This folding knife is very practical and versatile, with a very simple blade opening system, through the pressure of the lever that comes out from the blade’s tail; it can be kept in the pocket or in the backpack, always at hand for any need.

Made in Miki, Japan
Coltellino Giapponese Higo

The Higo knife offered by Tenartis is hand made by a Japanese craftsman, in the town of Miki (Pref. of Hyogo), with a long tradition in the production of knives and other cutting tools.

One of the most appreciated features of the Higo knife is the very high cutting performance granted by the Clad Steel, or Sandwich Steel, a three-layer laminated steel: two of soft carbon steel outside and an inner core of Blue Paper steel. This high carbon steel is considered to be one of the best alloys for the production of cutting tools and, through the hardening process, it achieves a very high hardness, thus ensuring an ultimate cutting performance, long lasting cutting edge and easy resharpening.

Decorated handles

Higo pocket knives are available in a large variety of decorated handle, packed in a Paulownia wooden box.

The Higo knife is just one of many high quality cutting tools from Japan, a Country recognized worldwide as the absolute leader in the production of top quality kitchen knives, gardening shears and scissors of all kinds. Long experience, continuous research for the best materials and high skilled workers put Japanese manufacturers a cut above the rest.

Stay in touch if you want to learn more about Japanese kitchen knives, scissors and shears. In the meantime you can take a look at our range available for online purchase here.


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