BeaverCraft Wood Carving Knives and Tools

We are proud to introduce the high quality and exclusive range of BeaverCraft Wood Carving Knives and Tools.
BeaverCraft hand tools are appreciated, since years, by many wood carvers across Europe and North America.

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BeaverCraft is a small company specialized exclusively in the production of woodworking tools, the range includes different types of chip knives, whittling knives, spoon carving knives, draw knives, gouges, sharpening tools and everything required by wood carving amateurs and professional.

BeaverCraft S14 Spoon Carving Set with Gouge
BeaverCraft S14 Spoon Carving Set with Gouge

BeaverCraft tools are made from high-carbon steel, enriched with Chromium and Vanadium. Blades are tempered to ensure a hardness level of 57-58 HRC and the necessary elasticity to the blade in order to avoid breakage.

The handle of the carving tools is made of oakwood or ashwood covered with natural linseed oil, they have an ergonomic shape to ensure a safe grip and avoid hand fatigue even during long use.

Now you can buy BeaverCraft Carving Knives directly from our online store at very affordable prices and with the advantage of receiving them at home in 24/48h. 

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