About Us

A blog to tell about our products

Our mission? Support our customer explaining and telling about our products under all aspects. We want our blog to be a useful tool for all readers both as a source of information on products as well as an inspiration to discover new tricks on how to use and care of the products sold on www.tenartis.com.
We want to offer a useful tools for the personal care as well as for the outdoors, hobby, crafts and kitchen. Have you purchased our nail care scissors or a hairdressing scissors and want to discover tricks and curiosities about their use and maintenance? Discover all posts on this blog!

Who is Tenartis?

We are a small family-run company that have been dealing for three generations with the production of high-quality scissors. For decades we have been supplying our products to the industry’s leading companies in Italy and abroad and now we are directly on the market with our brand to offer, exclusively through on our web-shop, a range of high quality products at a good price.

Some information about our products

Tenartis presents a line of items manufactured in the Premana-based family workshop, together with other tools selected among the best craftsmen. In the age of consumerism and disposable goods, Tenartis wants to propose tools, made from the high quality standards of the Premana’s craft tradition, to offer incomparable performance and durability.

Premana: known around the world as one of the most important cutting tools manufacturing district

Premana, a small village of the Varrone Valley, in the Alps near Lake Como, is considered the most important European centre for the production of scissors, knives, other cutting tools. Since the times of the ancient Romans, in the mines located at almost 2,000 metres above sea level, near the head of the Varrone creek, the iron was mined and with the passing of the centuries the people of Premana have specialised in metalworking, handing down from generation to generation, with passion and wisdom, the experience and knowledge to the present days.

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