How to Choose a Wood Carving Knife

How to Choose a Wood Carving Knife

Which is the most suitable knife for wood carving? Often we are asked this question by people who wish to start wood carving so in this post we will try to give some tips to help choosing the most suitable wood carving knife.

There are several brands of carving knives on the market and this time we would like to introduce two manufacturers who, in our opinion, make very good knives either for beginners and expert carvers.

We will talk about Codega, an Italian manufacturer that since 1920 make pocket and carving knives appreciated all over the world and BeaverCraft, a relatively new manufacturer who entered this market just a few years ago and is already well known and appreciated in Europe and North America. Both manufacturers use top quality materials and make great carving knives.

But let’s get to the point: which wood carving do I need?

Wood Carving Knife Codega #5
Wood Carving Knife Codega #5

The essential knife any carver must have is definitely Codega type 5: its very sturdy blade, curved on the back with a slightly curved edge, allows you to carry out any roughing job, cutting – thanks to the shape of the handle – in both directions and allows making also some details.
The BeaverCraft’s basic knife we suggest is C2.

For working on details, however, we recommend to consider another knife with smaller blade and shorter edge, Codega type B: the particular shape of this blade allows you to realize very precise details on any type of engraving and sculpture, it can be easily used even by beginners.
Another knife very suitable for details is BeaverCraft C8 which, among other things, has an ergonomic handle that does not tire the hand even if after a long use.

For more expert carvers – based on the feedback we receive from users – we would recommend also Codega type 7.

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Knife C8
BeaverCraft Wood Carving Knife C8

Planning to carve also spoons, cups, bowls and similar?

Then you can’t miss a hook knife! But pay attention, if carving knives described above can be used either by right and left-handers, for hook knives instead it is important to choose the one suitable for your hand. If you are right-handed, we recommend BeaverCraft SK1 Hook Knife or Codega fixed blade #273, the latter is also available for left-handed.

We hope this was helpful and now you are ready to buy your wood carving knives and start your project. Let us know if you have any question and enjoy carving!.



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