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Italian cuisine is universally recognized among the best in the world and is probably
the most popular internationally.

The huge success of typical Italian foods is due to many factors, including the simplicity of the dishes and regional diversity; the quality of the ingredients, creativity and passion for fine dining of the Italian people, complete the picture.

To cook well you must have suitable tools and utensils and, over time, the Italian kitchenware industry has been able to adapt to the needs of cooks and housewives, developing quality products, practical and functional.

In Italy the production of kitchen knives developed specifically in some industrial districts – among the major ones must be cited Maniago (PN), Frosolone (IS), Premana (LC) and Scarperia (FI) – where factories have been manufacturing knives and other kitchen utensils of the highest quality, certainly among the best in Europe, on par with the best brands of cutlery in Solingen (Germany), Thiers (France), Albacete (Spain) and Sheffield (England).

kitchen knives and tools

Italian cutlery industry offers a wide range of products, to meet the needs of top chefs, housewives and cooking enthusiast, that increased considerably in the past few years.

One of the secrets for making a good job is to have the right and specific tool for each task. For this reason the Italian cutlery manufacturers offer a wide selection of knives, available in various sizes as well as forks, spatulas, cleavers, scissors and poultry shears, tongs and other accessories. Among these, the most common are definitely:

  • The kitchen knife, the classic carver, also called cook’s knife or chef knife, which is characterized by the shape of the blade with edge and back in an almost symmetrical curve, pointed and thin ends, is available in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for chopping, mincing and chopping all types of food: meat, fish and vegetables of all kinds. A knife that can not miss in the kitchen!

    Coltello da Cucina, Coltello da Pane, Spelucchino
    Kitchen Knife, Bread Knife and Paring Knife
  • the paring knife, also called vegetable knife, parer or peeler, is another indispensable knife in the kitchen: small, with a 2.75 or 4 inch (7 or 10 cm) blade is ideal for cutting, peeling and cleaning fruit and vegetables or to make small precision work also on meat or fish
  • the bread knife has a serrated blade that cuts very easily even the hardest crusts without damaging the soft inner part of loaf, baguette and any other kind of bread
  • the slicing knife also called ham knife or salami knife, is designed to slice ham, salami and sausages of all kinds, with narrow and rounded tip blade; it is also available with pointed and upward curved end – generally called carving knife – more suitable for slicing raw meats and roasts.

Another important tool in any kitchen is the poultry shear, which can be used both in the kitchen and at the table to cut into small pieces, chicken, turkey, game birds and other small animals, either before or after cooking.

Other important tools are spatulas for lasagna, pizza, hamburgers and pastries, each designed with a specific shape to perform their task in the best possible way.

Poultry Shear

And we could continue with a long series of other  knives and utensils. We’ll try to do it soon, with specific posts to describe in detail the use and peculiarity of each kitchen knife and tool.

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