Codega Premana: Pocket Knife Makers Since 1920

Codega Premana: Pocket Knife Makers Since 1920

Since 1920 the Codega Family in Premana have been specialized in the production of pocket knives, folding knives and chip carving knives.

For three generations the Codega’s carry on with great passion the production of a wide range of folding and pocket knives as well as other cutting tools, among which you can find some typical models of the traditional Italian countryside, such as the Valtellinese Sickle with the typical cColtello a Serramanico Bergamasco Codega Manico Noceurved blade, the Lanzo knife with a very refined design, the shepherd’s knife and the typical Bergamasco knife.

Handmade Pocket Knives

Pocket knives produced by Codega are made of C67 carbon steel and some models are also available in stainless steel. The blades are hardened to 58 HRC, hande-sharpened with the utmost care and assembled on wooden handles of various kinds such as beech-wood, boxwood, olive-wood, walnut and cherry-wood. Some handles are even made with precious woods such Coltello per funghi in ulivo Codega Premanaas Ebony, Bois de Violette, Bois de Rose and Snake-wood.

Codega folding knives are highly appreciated both by enthusiasts and professionals, as well as by an important number of collectors always looking for valuable collectible knives, for which the Codega cutlery can also produce unique pieces according to the customer’s wish.

Woodcarving Knives

In addition to the aforementioned pocket knives, Codega makes a line of woodcarving knives: blades are available in 10 different shapes to satisfy all needs of woodcarvers. Codega chip carving knives, hook knives and draw knives are used by many enthusiasts who engage in this beautiful art, in Italy and across Europe.

Codega 432-Serie-Completa-di-10-Coltelli-da-Intaglio
coltello coglifunghi codega dorso dentato

Mushroom Knife

Another very appreciated tool is the mushroom knife, an essential knife for every passionate mushroom seeker. A knife with curved blade that helps picking mushrooms, the toothed blade-back for cleaning of the lower part of the stem and the pure natural bristle brush can be used to clean the cap and other parts of the mushroom.

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