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Finding a bit of time to take care of yourself in nowadays busy lifesometimes can be difficult. But being able to devote even just a few minutes each day to take care of your look and well-being is very important, and sometimes it takes little to feel and look better. A relaxing break after a busy day: a warm winter bath or a refreshing shower in the summer, taking care of your hands and feet, your hair and face… little gestures that make you feel better.
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You can entrust the experienced hands of professional beauticians: hairdressers, manicurists, etc., or if you prefer, buy the right tools and do it yourself; with a little effort, you can get the same tools used by professionals: valuable and efficient implements such as scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, hair scissors and other instruments to do at home, at any time, all the simple tasks to take care of yourself.

One of the essential tool is definitely a nail cutter, unless you are among those who prefer to bite nails. To cut your nails you can use different tools:

The nail clipper, small and compact, can be kept in the bag or pocket always at your fingertips. The clipper is a tool designed to easily cut fingernails with both hands and some larger clippers are suitable also for trimming toenails.

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Tenartis 222 Nail Clipper with File

The nail clipper produces a clean cut and leaves your nails with sharp edges which then must be rounded with a nail file. For this reason some prefer to use nail scissors : there are various types, shapes and sizes. It is important to choose the right model, with sufficiently strong blades, preferably curved to better follow the natural curve of the nail. The scissors to cut nails, realize a clean and precise cut while leaving the edge of the nails slightly rounded. For some it may be a little difficult to cut the nails of the right hand and for this reason, the best nail scissors manufacturers make scissors to be used specifically with the left hand to cut the nails of the right hand, these scissors are called left-handed nail scissors, and are often used also by right-handed who have troubles when they have to cut their right hand nails with the left hand.

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Tenartis 115 Nail Scissors

If someone can find it a bit complicated and at the same time does not like to use the clippers, can always rely on a third tool: the nail nipper or pliers. It is a tool designed for professional use with a strong handle that allows to easily cut also thick toenails. The handles and blades of the nail nippers are designed to easily cut fingernails with both hands and are used either by right and left handed people.

Another very important tool for the care of your body, especially the face, is the tweezers. The most popular eyebrows or hair tweezers are those with the straight or slant tip, usually made from stainless steel. The stainless steel tweezers, although more expensive than carbon steel tweezers, offer a considerably higher performance and offer also a very high resistance to corrosion, a very important factor for a tool often used in the bathroom, therefore in a humid environment, thus ensuring a much longer lifetime of the tweezers.

Pinzetta Tenartis 196
Tenartis 196 Hair Tweezers

They are also available in a wide range of colors or decoration, very cute and cheery without compromising the quality of the tool, since the structure is always made of stainless steel. Tweezers can be used to eliminate not only eyebrows but also other unwanted hair of the face and other parts of the body.

There are many others Beauty Care tools for hair, face, hands and feet: the callus rasps, various implements for nail and cuticle care, cuticle scissors, nose and ear scissors, beard and mustache scissors. Without forgetting the hairdressing scissors, either for hair cutting or thinning, essential in every household for some emergency retouching or to cut hair regularly to children and, why not, to adults with significant savings for the family budget.

We will write more posts with additional details about the above mentioned products and many others, including more information about the materials used for the production of scissors, nippers, tweezers and other personal care implements.

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