Wood Carving Knives Made in Japan by Michi Hamono

Wood Carving Knives Made in Japan by Michi Hamono

Wood carving knives manufactured in Japan by Michi Hamono are available in several lines to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts at all levels: from beginners to skilled carvers.

Michi Hamono started his activity back in the 1960s in the city of Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, known all over the world for the large number of highly experienced cutting tools manufacturers.

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Product Lines

Among the wide range of wood carving knives manufactured by Michi Hamono, some lines have been well accepted also in Western markets:

Woody: a great value for money carving tool range, very appreciated by those who take their first steps in the world of wood carving.

Carvy: a higher level line, made with Blue Paper #2 steel (in japanese Aogami), so called because the steel is wrapped in blue paper when it is sent to blacksmiths. It is a high-carbon steel (1.1-1.2%) with chromium (0.2-0.5%) and tungsten (1-1.5%).

We should consider that for Japanese quality standards – who are regularly using very high quality tools made with some types of steel unknown to an average Western user – both of these lines are considered as basic; while by Western standards, Woody and Carvy knives are appreciated for their performance that, in some cases, is higher than other tools manufactured by domestic makers.

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Premium Tools

For more demanding carvers aiming to use higher quality tools for their wood carving and sculpturing, Michi Hamono make some lines with HSS or High Speed Steel, a carbon steel with a high content of chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and vanadium, which allows achieving a very high hardness (up to 65-66 HRC) and therefore outstanding performance and durability.

Michi Hamono Wood Carving Knives

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