They talk about us: Tenartis Beard Scissors on Panorama Magazine

Growing a beard has been trendy for a few years now and there are many men who are discovering the pleasure of reinventing their look by letting grow on their face a more or less long beard, well cared in all details, or simply untamed.

Barber Shops

So even old style barber shops are back, a place where men can put their beard in experienced hands to shorten, shape, trim or simply cut. Among many barbers, Gian Antonio Pisterzi, one of the most renowned internationally, opened a barber shop in Milan’s very sophisticated via Montenapoleone where, among the various tools used in the shop there are Tenartis scissors. Panorama magazine wrote recently a wonderful article shown below.
The scissors featured in the article have rounded tips and curved blades that allow to safely cut ear and nose hair as well as beard and mustache. Despite being used by professional barbers, they are also suitable for personal use thanks also to a very affordable price.

Tenartis grooming scissors range includes different types of scissors in various shapes, sizes and qualities, appreciated by many professionals barbers and beard aficionados across Europe.


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