What a beautiful beard!

What a beautiful beard!

For some years now a larger number of men have been discovering the pleasure of growing their beard.

A well-kept beard is pleasant to wear and beautiful to see. Barbers by Baruffaldi created a line of products specifically studied for the care of beard and moustache.

SLES free Beard Shampoo is made with plant origin ingredients enriched with natural oils. The special semi-dense formula doesn’t drip and leaves the beard soft and fixed. Removes residues of moustache fixative, eliminates food odor and cigarette smoke and keep your beard smelling fresh.

Barbers Beard BaBarber Prodotti per la Barbalm is ideal for treating all kinds of beard and mustache. Shea Butter and natural oils reduce itching due to the growth of beard and prevents breakage of hair.

For those who want to apply a further treatment to their beard, Barbers Beard Oil is a concentrate of plants oil for maximum hydration of the skin and beard, designed to soften, nourish and give light to beard without grease. Eliminates food odor and cigarette smoke.

Finally, for those who like to give a special shape to their whiskers or tame the most curled ones, Barbers Moustache Wax offers an excellent hold and natural effect.

You can find Barbers by Baruffaldi Beard products here along with a range of high quality scissors for beard, mustache and hair care, appreciated by numerous barbers and beard enthusiasts in Europe and the Americas.


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